Horticultural Trials 2023 - California, USA

Information from trials sites in California on carrots, tomatoes and lettuces

Agricultural Trials 2023 update

Select results from agricultural field trials from around the UK in 2023

Climate Summary 2023

Climate variations for rainfall, air temperature and solar radiation over the past 30 years


We used Biocat+ OSAA in half of a controlled trial of Genovese Basil. Biocat+ was applied at 2% and at 40 days the Biocat+ OSAA treated plants produced 40% better yield than the control plants.

Salad & Veg Producer Herefordshire, UK

Biocat+ was applied to carrots after seeding as a spray and again 30 days later as a drip application. The treated carrots yielded significantly better than the untreated beds, with uniform nutrient content.

Commercial Vegetable Grower California, USA


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Through years of trials and real time data, the areas where Biocat+ OSAA has shown significant benefits can be broken down into specific categories. 

SOIL embodies the largest growing medium for all aspects of food production. Biocat+ OSAA has been proven to modulate the rhizosphere for the successful and natural development of most major field crops produced in the UK and Europe. 

GREENHOUSE production has enabled the growth in market share of foods, otherwise imported, available all year round. Well managed systems with the inclusion of Biocat+ OSAA have enhanced production and the ultimate result is quality produce, increased yields and longer shelf life. 

VERTICAL farming is an innovative sector, commercially in its infancy, but with massive intentions. Biocat+ OSAA is added directly into irrigation systems, not only benefitting plant growth, but with the bacterium present keeps pipelines clear of unwanted build ups. 

TUNNEL growing has allowed growers to extend their growing seasons and their range of produce. With weather conditions constantly changing, this method of growing has become increasingly popular, allowing farmers greater control from the outside elements. Biocat+ OSAA when introduced through irrigation systems has increased root development leading to stronger plant growth, better quality yields and a longer shelf life.

Modulating the rhizosphere
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