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As a new product to market, there will be many questions about Biocat+ OSAA, which we have tried to expanded upon in the Introductions to Biocat+ OSAA and Introduction to Ecological Phages. We have listed below some of the Frequently Asked Questions, with hopefully useful replies, but please feel free to enquire further about Biocat+ OSAA, we'd be pleased to help you further. Contact the team at 

The rhizosphere is the natural environment surround the root area of a plant.  Modulating the rhizosphere is a process whereby the natural bacteria present in a biostimulant allows for the environment surrounding the root system to be balanced as nature intended.  

Root development enhancement is paramount to healthy plant growth and ultimately a good yield increase in crops. Giving the root system it's best possible start will naturally enhance the plant's natural growth, producing a stronger and healthier crop. With some modern farming methods and long term damage to the soil, Biocat+ is the natural biostimulant that will encourage the environment surrounding the root system to be balanced as nature intended.

The raw ingredients used to formulate Biocat+ OSAA can be found anywhere on and around the Earth's own environment. Organic matter from land and marine sources are used to form the basis of Biocat+ OSAA.

The naturally produced raw materials are converted into a substrate which then undergoes a fermentation style process. This material is then passed through a catalytic converter to convert the liquid into a form of Biocat+ OSAA. It then undergoes the concentration process which includes multiple membrane filtration systems to reduce the amount of water in the substrate and thus increase the concentration of Biocat+

The UK's agricultural and horticultural industries are facing multiple challenges including climate change, the need for disease resistant plants and disease control as a whole as well as labour availability and food security whilst also transitioning to net zero. Biocat+ OSAA is setting out a route to improve sustainability and efficiency of production through providing a solution to soil and plant health without chemical inputs, and with not detrimental impact to the environment.

Our vision is to produce a broad-spectrum phage biostimulant that will be financially viable and available to all farmers and growers.
Anything that grows will benefit from the use of Biocat+ OSAA.  Large scale field crops, tunnel fruit and veg, greenhouse flowers, and for any small holder or home gardener, there is a place for Biocat+.

1 litre of concentrate makes 10,000 litres of active Biocat+ OSAA

If you have any further questions about Biocat+ OSAA then please contact us at and we will endeavour to answer any queries.


We used Biocat+ OSAA in half of a controlled trial of Genovese Basil. Biocat+ was applied at 2% and at 40 days the Biocat+ OSAA treated plants produced 40% better yield than the control plants.

Salad & Veg Producer Herefordshire, UK

Having struggled in previous years with difficult growing conditions for our salad veg production, we now use Biocat+ OSAA and the results have been encouraging.
Yields are up on previous years, disease resistance is better and the end product is of an exceptional quality.

Salad Grower Ameira, Spain

Help Nature Help Itself

Our vision is to provide a sustainable, environmentally friendly and organic biostimulant product, commercially available to all food and animal sectors, that will enhance productivity and profitability.
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Modulating the rhizosphere
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