Origins of Biocat+ OSAA

What does Biocat+ OSAA do?

Organic biostimulants

Biocat+ OSAA is a totally organic biostimulant that compliments organic growing systems for root development enhancement and improved plant establishment. Biocat+ OSAA consists of organisms that have been identified and proven over many years of research to be beneficial to plant propagation.

Modulating the rhizosphere

Biocat+ OSAA is a collection of diverse biostimulants, including bacterium, fungal and viral species that have been cultured in a unique product.

Biocat+ OSAA stimulates and optimises the interaction of these diverse beneficial organisms that exist in the soil and rhizosphere around the root structure of plants, encouraging plant growth stimulation.

1 litre of concentrate makes 10,000 litres of active Biocat+ OSAA

Compliments organic growing systems

The application of Biocat+ OSAA into soil and growing media creates a healthy microbial environment that aids plants to resist diseases, reducing the need for pesticides and chemicals and increases yields that are of a higher quality.

It has been noted that in addition to the yield increase the nutrition values of the products are improved as has the shelf life of many items, all of which improves profitability.

Biocat+ OSAA is administrated to crops as a solution by spraying or within a pipeline irrigation system.

Help Nature Help Itself

Our vision is to provide a sustainable, environmentally friendly and organic biostimulant product, commercially available to all food and animal sectors, that will enhance productivity and profitability.
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Modulating the rhizosphere
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