Biocat+ OSAA comes in liquid form and is suitable for use in agriculture, horticulture, commercial growing and for the home gardener. Application and rates of application are on the labelling and also available on the website for each category (Soil, Greenhouse, Vertical and Tunnel Farming) under the Tab "Application and Dosage". Biocat+ OSAA is available in 5 litre containers and multiples thereof. The containers are stackable, with tamper proof caps and are made from 100% recyclable materials and are UN approved.

1 litre of concentrate makes 1,000 litres of active Biocat+ OSAA

Need large quantities?

Discounts are available for large quantities, please contact our sales team today.

DERMAphage Gel

DERMAphage Gel
DERMAphage Gel is a novel broad spectrum skin treatment, effective on small and large animals and based on PHAGES. Bacteriophages; as individuals they can only target one specific bacteria. They imbed the harmful bacteria, and when that bacteria can no longer s []

Soil biostimulants

Biocat+ OSAA is a unique biostimulant technology which promotes the natural biological control and enhancement mechanisms inherent in all microbial biosystems. Biocat+ OSAA has increased quality and yields in all current applications.
Price from: £140.00 excl VAT

Greenhouse production

Biocat+ OSAA will increase your greenhouse yield, starting with better root growth and resistance to disease whilst allowing you to reduce herbicide and insecticide use. Buy Biocat+ OSAA for greenhouse production
Price from: £140.00 excl VAT

Vertical farming biostimulants

Biocat+ OSAA is added directly into irrigation systems, not only benefitting plant growth, but with the bacterium present keeps pipelines clear of unwanted build ups. VERTICAL farming is an innovative sector, commercially in its infancy, but with massive intention []
Price from: £140.00 excl VAT

Tunnel farming biostimulants

Biocat+ OSAA can be added to irrigation or sprinkler systems when TUNNEL growing. With our climate conditions constantly changing, this method of growing has become increasingly popular, allowing farmers greater control from the outside elements.
Price from: £140.00 excl VAT
Modulating the rhizosphere
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