The 2023 growing season saw many climatic variables which made it a challenging time.  Below are some comparisons to show how our climate conditions have changed and why predicting long term forecasts will become even more important, if even possible.  It is a well documented fact that our global climate is unsettled and maybe changed for ever.  This is certainly a situation that needs monitoring and future cropping decisions - varieties, timings, areas of land will all need careful consideration in order to help sustainable farming. Whilst many farmers focus on survival and short term profitability there is a need to accept the changing conditions, and with the climate indictors that are available to help guide and adapt agriculture into the future.

Here are a few notable climatic conditions with figures for 2023 compared to 5, 10 and 30 years ago:

  • 1993       40.4 mm
  • 1993       14.5°C
  • 1993      152.0 W/m²
  • 2013       46.8 mm
  • 2013       14.6°C
  • 2013      157.6 W/m²
  • 2018       46.8 mm
  • 2018       14.9°C
  • 2018      155.0 W/m²
  • 2023       83.9 mm
  • 2023       16.2°C
  • 2023      119.8 W/m²

Note:  Information supplied by DTN