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Head of Research

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David Laurie

David has worked in agriculture from his family farm on the Norfolk/Suffolk border for the past 35 years.  His family has farmed in the area for many generations.

Tracking the many changes in agriculture over his 35 year career, David has always had an enquiring mind and a strong interest in the leading edge of agricultural developments, and this interest led to his involvement with Henry and Citadel Environmental Solutions Ltd.

Since joining forces with Henry 5 years ago David has worked on understanding more about Biocat+ and developing its range of uses, ultimately returning full circle to his roots in agricultural soil science.  A sponsored placement in the labs at the John Innes Centre Norwich, finally provided the evidence of the benefits of Biocat+ on the plant rhizosphere, and enabled him to understand just how revolutionary Biocat+ could be in helping farmers improve and protect their soil and benefit the environment.

Modulating the rhizosphere
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