Citadel Biocat+ OSAA (cb-biostimulants) has established a long term collaboration with the EJP Soil WISH-ROOTS team at the John Innes Centre to investigate and validate the already observed benefits of Biocat+ OSAA across a wide range of crops. Their mutual interest in sustainable crop production, soil and plant health has led David Laurie, Head of Research for Citadel Biocat+, to work closely with the WISH-ROOTS team to obtain sound scientific evidence of the mechanism of action of Biocat+ OSAA, and validate its performance as an agricultural biostimulant.

The potential of Biocat+ OSAA to support key root traits such as root architecture and control of soil microbiome functions, strongly aligns with the objectives of the WISH-ROOTS, to improve soil health through root traits in key crops, such as wheat. Throughout their collaboration, Citadel and WISH-ROOTS will develop a relevant methodological approach to validate Biocat+ OSAA based on methods already optimised and implemented for WISH-ROOTS. Additionally, Spring 2023 will see a pilot field trial for Biocat+ OSAA to monitor the impact on four contrasting cultivars of wheat.

The results from this collaboration will provide the foundation for a long term partnership with the John Innes Centre to further investigate and validate Citadel products.