Soil – is the thin layer of material covering the earth’s surface and is formed from the weathering of rocks.

It is made up of mineral particles, organic materials, air, water, and living micro organisms, all of which constantly interact through weathering, and cultivation. Most plants get their nutrients from the soil, and they are the main source of food for humans, animals, and birds, which means that most living things depend on soil for their existence.

Soil is therefore an invaluable resource that needs skillful and careful management, as it’s structure can be easily damaged by inappropriate practices.

By understanding soil and managing it properly we can avoid destroying one of the essential building blocks of our environment, and therefore of our food security.

Historically, farmers have used chemicals fertilizers and pesticides to increase crop yields, but while increasing yields this method of agriculture has in many instances been detrimental to the environment, the quality of the product and has destroyed the microbial and bacterial structure of the soil.

Biocat+ OSAA is an totally organic compound that contains micro organisms, phages, and good bacterium which when applied to the soil corrects imbalances, modulates the rhizosphere providing optimum growing conditions, increases crop yields, quality and extends the shelf life of products.

Biocat+ OSAA is a unique biostimulant technology that has been developed to act as a natural biological enhancement medium by harnessing naturally occurring phages and micro organisms to target and selectively kill harmful bacterium in the soil, and to restore the biosphere surrounding the roots of a plant.     

Biocat+ OSAA can be administered as a spray. The Biocat+ OSAA is absorbed by the root system and acts as a stimulant which increases growth and enables the plant to absorb more nutrients. The strengthened plants have a greater capacity to resist disease, have increased and better quality yields, and offers the opportunity for increased profitability, while maintaining and enhancing soil health.