"When Biocat+ OSAA is added to irrigation, results have shown that it acts as a broad-spectrum biostimulant that enhances root growth and resistance to diseases, also leading to a reduction in the use of herbicides and insecticides while improving yield" say Henry Madders, Managing Director at Citadel Environmental Solutions.

Citadel Environmental Solutions' line of Biocat+ products are formulations of a large numbers of bacterial, archaeal, fungal and viral species which  has been demonstrated to improve crop health when applied to the rhizosphere and foliage.

According to the company's website, the use of Biocat+ OSAA on red table grapes increased the yield from 3700 to 6500 boxes.  With tunnel-grown tomatoes, the yield increased by 17% and the shelf life was greatly extended in the Biocat+ OSAA treatment group.  In cucumber and lettuce trials, the incidence of fungal and bacterial diseases was greatly reduced with the use of Biocat+ OSAA.

"Biocat+ OSAA is an organic product that combines a mixture of land and  marine phages that bring the rhizosphere back into balance" say Henry.  "With its formulation of beneficial microorganisms, Biocat+ OSAA stabilizes the good bacteria in the root zone, improving their ability to absorb and destroy harmful bacteria.

Biocat+ OSAA a multipurpose solution in horticulture

Citadel Environmental Solutions initially sold Biocat+ OSAA as a cleaning solution, as it is already used in this  capacity in water treatment and animal agriculture applications.  But as Henry explains, they quickly saw benefits in horticulture and soon had it approved as an organic product that can improve yields while also cleaning irrigation lines.

"We used Biocat+ OSAA instead of peroxides to keep irrigation systems clean and prevent blockages, but we saw benefits for growing,  both in open field and greenhouse operations" explains Henry.

Benefits extend to floriculture and cannabis, studies suggest

Citadel Environmental Solutions has been conducting research with the John Innes Centre in the UK.  The research, which is funded by the UK Government, has delved into the diversity of bacteriophages and their impacts on crop health and resistance to pests and diseases.  Backed by this research and client case studies, Citadel Environmental Solutions is confident that its Biocat+ OSAA products for horticulture contribute to enhanced root growth, improved establishment, stimulated plant growth, increased yield and quality, reduced plant stress and increased shelf life.