Biocat+ OSAA for Greenhouse Production


Greenhouses enable the commercial growing of plants, vegetables, flowers and herbs on 24/7 365 days a year basis. Greenhouses provide a controlled environment that removes the uncertainty associated with climate and gives the confidence to both the grower and consumer of food security. Unlike outdoor growing, both seasonable and unseasonable crops can be grown throughout the year under controlled conditions.

What is Greenhouse production?

Greenhouse production is the practice of growing plants, vegetables, flowers and herbs within an enclosed space under controlled environmental conditions. The structure usually made from glass or plastic protects the crop from the cold, heat, wind, rain, and pests, while allowing optimum growing conditions to maximise yields. Plants can be grown either in soil or containers with a growing medium. The plants are then watered and fertilized as needed, the temperature, humidity and light levels inside the greenhouse are controlled to maximise production.

1 litre of concentrate makes 1,000 litres of active Biocat+ OSAA

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Beneficial Effects

How does Biocat+ OSAA promote growth?

Biocat+ OSAA has been trialed on a range of greenhouse crops, including:

  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Melons
  • Strawberries
  • Flowers

When Biocat+ OSAA is added to irrigation, results have show that it acts as a broad spectrum biostimulant. Better root growth was seen in all plants, as was the resistance to disease. This has resulted in reduction of the use of both herbicides and insecticides, and an increase yield.

Biocat+ OSAA stabilises the micro-organisms present in the soil, enhancing and encouraging the good bacterium to flourish and helping to develop good root growth. The beneficial organisms achieve the ability to absorb and destroy the unwanted and harmful bacterium present. 

Biocat+ OSAA is organic, a unique product that combines a mixture of land and marine phages that creates a modulating rhizosphere that brings a balance to the soil that surrounds the root of the plant.

The treated plants became stronger, and quality and yields are significantly increased. A further advantage is that the shelf life of all products is extended which reduces waste and increases profitability.

Application and Dosage

Please contact our technical team for details.

Delivery Info

Delivery:  Usually within 3 - 5 working day.  Overnight and next day by arrangement

Up to 20Kg    £10 plus VAT

20Kg to 40KG  £21 plus VAT

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Since using Biocat+ OSAA on my greenhouse flower production we haven't experienced any plant diseases, leaves are much healthier and the end product, cut flowers, have a much extended shelf life.

Greenhouse Grower Norfolk UK

We used Biocat+ OSAA in half of a controlled trial of Genovese Basil. Biocat+ was applied at 2% and at 40 days the Biocat+ OSAA treated plants produced 40% better yield than the control plants.

Modulating the rhizosphere
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