Biocat+ for Soil Management


Biocat+ OSAA achieves results by  modulating the rhizosphere that surround the root of the plant creating a sustainable balanced environment enabling the maximisation of the nutrient intake through the enhanced stimulated root system of the plant.  The application of Biocat+ OSAA produces a healthier more disease resistant plant that achieves increased yield with better quality and that have an enhanced shelf life.

1 litre of concentrate makes 1,000 litres of active Biocat+ OSAA





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Beneficial Effects

The main beneficial effects of our bio-stimulant include:

  • Improved root development
  • Better plant establishment and growth stimulation
  • Yield increase
  • Resistance to diseases
  • Reduction in chemical usage
  • Increased profitability

How quickly does Biocat+ help root development?

Application and Dosage

1 litre of concentrate makes 10,000 litres of active Biocat+ OSAA

Please contact our technical team for details.

Delivery Info

Delivery:  Usually within 3 - 5 working day.  Overnight and next day by arrangement

Up to 20Kg    £10 plus VAT

20Kg to 40KG  £21 plus VAT

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Having struggled in previous years with difficult growing conditions for our salad veg production, we now use Biocat+ OSAA and the results have been encouraging.
Yields are up on previous years, disease resistance is better and the end product is of an exceptional quality.

Salad Grower Ameira, Spain

Biocat+ was applied to carrots after seeding as a spray and again 30 days later as a drip application. The treated carrots yielded significantly better than the untreated beds, with uniform nutrient content.

Modulating the rhizosphere
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