Biocat+ for Soil Management


Biocat+ OSAA achieves results by  modulating the rhizosphere that surround the root of the plant creating a sustainable balanced environment enabling the maximisation of the nutrient intake through the enhanced stimulated root system of the plant.  The application of Biocat+ OSAA produces a healthier more disease resistant plant that achieves increased yield with better quality and that have an enhanced shelf life.

1 litre of concentrate makes 10,000 litres of active Biocat+ OSAA





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Beneficial Effects

The main beneficial effects of our bio-stimulant include:

  • Improved root development
  • Better plant establishment and growth stimulation
  • Yield increase
  • Resistance to diseases
  • Reduction in chemical usage
  • Increased profitability

How quickly does Biocat+ help root development?

Application and Dosage

1 litre of concentrate makes 10,000 litres of active Biocat+ OSAA

Please contact our technical team for details.

Delivery Info

Delivery:  Usually within 3 - 5 working day.  Overnight and next day by arrangement

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We used Biocat+ OSAA in half of a controlled trial of Genovese Basil. Biocat+ was applied at 2% and at 40 days the Biocat+ OSAA treated plants produced 40% better yield than the control plants.

Salad & Veg Producer Herefordshire, UK

Since using Biocat+ OSAA on my greenhouse flower production we haven't experienced any plant diseases, leaves are much healthier and the end product, cut flowers, have a much extended shelf life.

Modulating the rhizosphere
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